Theatre, dance, performance, visual arts: the Kunstenfestivaldesarts is a vibrant celebration of today’s new artistic work. Every year in the month of May, in theatres and arts centres and in public and original spaces. In Brussels, a city whose diversity inspires how we see the world and how we live in it. Welcome!


The Kunstenfestivaldesarts is an international arts festival dedicated to contemporary creations: theatre, dance, performance, film, and visual arts. It takes place in May of every year and lasts for three weeks, with presentations in some 20 theatres and arts centres, as well as in public spaces throughout Brussels.

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts comprises a selection of artistic works created by Belgian and international artists: remarkable new projects that translate the artists’ personal visions of the world, communicating these to audiences prepared to challenge and broaden their perspectives.

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts is a cosmopolitan city festival. Part of a complex network of communities, it serves to increase the porosity of territorial, linguistic, and cultural divides. The city is an environment par excellence in which to experience such a multifarious event.

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts happens in Brussels, the only city in Belgium inhabited by the country’s two largest language communities. Several Flemish and French-speaking institutions are involved in the project. Fundamentally conceived as a bilingual undertaking, the festival contributes to encouraging dialogue.

The Kunstenfestivaldesarts also runs a series of encounters and workshops alongside its programme that are aimed at putting this artistic project at the heart of the city and inspiring the people who live there.


Since 1994, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts has taken place annually over three weeks in the month of May in some twenty or so theatres and arts centres in Brussels.

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