Residence & Reflection

The festival invites a small group of international artists to closely follow the festival during a 10-day residency. These are young artists from around the globe who were selected during prospection trips. The participants engage with one another and with the festival performances. They are particularly curious to find out about each other’s often quite opposite opinions and perspectives. Not only do they each meet 10 or more new colleagues, but they mostly end up confronting themselves as world citizens, as artists, as human beings.


Guest artists Wichaya Artamat (THAI), Nana Biluš Abaffy (AUS), Nahuel Ezequiel Cano (AR), Anne-Lise Le Gac (FR), Mandeep Raikhy (IND), Simon Thomas (BE), Lisa Vereertbrugghen (BE) 
Moderator Tom Engels & Mylène Lauzon
Production assistant Elena Tzanavalou
Coproduction La Bellone

The ⏩ Sessions

Our wish is to be a resolutely urban and cosmopolitan festival; one that is rooted in our city. For this reason, we organize The ⏩ Sessions, a residency for young artists and cultural workers from Brussels, within their own city. Along with a selected group of inhabitants who are in touch with artistic creation, we view several performances throughout the year, as well as during the festival. Each of the attended shows opens up a specific question related to art and society that we would like to address together, based on every person’s individual experience. For example: How does art contribute to the narrative of Brussels? By dealing with the pertinent questions, we aim to go forward together – as a festival, as artists, as citizens.


Guest artists Alhadi Adam Agabeldour, Niels Coppens, Alex Deforce, Farbod Fathinejad, Sihame Haddioui, Sanae Jamai, Hyun Lories, Ilyas Mettioui, Hendrick Ntela, Anthony Nti, Lisette Ntukabumwe, Amina Saâdi & Ahlaam Teghadouini
Moderators Daniel Blanga Gubbay & Bie Vancraeynest
In collaboration with Demos

Cross Critique

​Creative lab for visual art criticism

Art criticism as black signs on white paper or screens, isn’t that very 20th century? Cross Critique is an international lab on new forms of visual and digital criticism. Ten critics and video artists (all linked to Belgian, Dutch and European initiatives for art criticism) dive into the festival with one goal in mind: to pop back up after five days with visual critiques of the performances they have seen, without using pen or paper.

Is it possible to reflect on art with the same depth, using camera or podcast? During Cross Critique we share good practices, go and see festival performances, reflect on art criticism in a digital society and work three days in pairs on visual critiques ourselves: small movies or other forms of visual critique that comment on festival performances. The results will be disclosed online by the end of the festival.

Discover the results:

Article Rekto:verso:

Wouter Hillaert:
Gilles Michiels:
Camilla Carè:
Collective work:

4 > 9/05
Intended for art critics & video artists
Moderators / workshop leaders Wouter Hillaert & Bart Rooms
Participators Rosa Ronsdorf (NL), Alexandra Duvekot (NL), Beatrice Puijk (NL), Josine Wijkhuijs (NL), Paula Lina (NL), Wouter Hillaert (B), Johannes De Breuker (B), Jorne Vriens (NL), Gilles Michiels (B), Alda Snopek (B), Bart Rooms (B), Axel Andersson (SE), Camilla Carè (IT)
An activity of rekto:verso (B) 
In collaboration with Art of Criticism (EU), Institute of Network Cultures (NL), Domein voor Kunstkritiek (NL), De Zendelingen (B), Kritiklabbet (SE)